What are your waiting times like?

Your consult can be scheduled right away! During the consult I will take measurements of the space, take pictures and discuss your goals and aesthetic choices. We will schedule the project date within the following 2-3 weeks!

What if we have an overcrowded room that needs a lot of purging?

If you have a space that is overwhelmed with things you have collected or neglected- we can tackle it together!  With a 4 step process of revision (Throw, Donate, Sell or Keep) we can quickly organize any room.

What if I have a low budget for my project?

Each project is quoted during the consultation, since each client has unique needs for their space. Let's find out what we can do within your budget!

What cities do you work in?

Currently, I work in and around the Twin Cities metro area. If you live within 2 hours, I can gladly service your home organization project!